Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, President

A Message from the President

I’m delighted to be elected the 8th President of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association and I congratulate and welcome the newly elected and re-elected members of our Executive Committee.  I want to thank all who took a moment to vote.  This year’s election was particularly important. It wasn’t just about electing a president for our great organization. Your vote was about breathing life into PFPMA’s mission, vision and strategies in an environment of challenges.  I am honored and blessed to lead and work with our board, committees and each and every member to develop the calls to action that our motto and mission represent.

Leading Change -Together,” was the slogan for my campaign and I promise that sentiment will continue to be our NorthStar as we step into a new future for PFPMA. My expectation is for each of us to be involved in shaping and contributing to our great organization.  “Leading Change – Together” means having a strategic plan and new playbook that has impact and makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others.  A plan that reflects PFPMA’s mission and vision to be a support system for the mothers and to serve, support and strengthen our communities through charitable giving; PFPMA’s purpose to support our communities and support mothers in understanding the NFL; and PFPMA’s motto of support, success and service.

Membership is key to keeping PFPMA strong, viable, relevant and financially sound and we must improve upon our efforts in recruiting and retaining your membership by offering value with a strong action plan that not only reflects your programming desires, but provides a sense of belonging by inviting and leveraging your talents. 

I joined PFPMA after my son Malcolm Jenkins was drafted to the New Orleans Saints. He’s been blessed to thus far have a 12-year career that includes time with the Philadelphia Eagles and once again now with the Saints.  He’s used his uniform to build a platform that is helping youth, families and communities and I’m proud to be the President of the foundation that bears his name.  At the end of the day, we’re all mothers who will always be there for our sons.  PFPMA and the women of it continue to be my searchlight and it has made a difference in my life, as it aims to continue to be a difference maker in yours and the lives of others.

In addition to membership goals, we will work together to ensure that PFPMA is an organization that will keep you engaged through educational and empowering resources and programs that provide information and support to help you navigate the business of football.  

Each one of us can make a difference.   Your volunteerism, talents and expertise together are key to helping to make PFPMA a stronger and all-inclusive organization.

Thank you and let’s get to work!

Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, President

Our History

On Sunday, December 14, 1997, twelve mothers of professional football players met to discuss the possibility of forming a national association to support each other and our player sons.  It was determined that there was no mechanism to provide information to mothers whose sons were new to professional football, and that such an association would be beneficial. Preliminary attempts were made to identify mothers who would work on the organizing committee.  After making initial contacts, a meeting was held in New York on March 15, 1997 and subsequently in Colorado with fifteen mothers participating.  The mothers reached a consensus and thereby the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) was born.

We are a non-profit corporation comprised of mothers, or those who serve that role in a player’s life, of active and retired professional football players.  We are here to create a support system and information network for mothers of professional football players by forming a membership association to address specific needs and concerns, and enhance the public perception of our sons.  Our organization is nationwide, and our goal is to have mothers whose sons represent each football team.

Our Mission

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association is to be a support system for the mothers of professional football players and to serve, support and strengthen our communities through charitable giving.

Our Vision

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association’s vision is  transforming lives through serving, supporting and strengthening our communities.

Our Purpose

Support our communities and support mothers in understanding the NFL.

Our Motto

Support, Success & Service


Annual membership fee is $200 for returning members and $150 for new members.  Membership fee can be paid online or by check or credit card to the Treasurer, Brenda LS Matthews.

Brenda LS Matthews, Treasurer

Board of Directors
2020 - 2023

Gwendolyn V. Jenkins


Pam Reynolds

2nd Vice President

Nina Cobb


Marethia A. Williams


Dr. Peggy Jones


Charisse Browner

Education Coordinator

Apryll Adams

NE/Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Brenda LS Matthews


Bernadette Suh

Membership Coordinator

Tarralyn Jones

National Events Coordinator

Denise Rowe

South Central Regional Coordinator

Velzina Williams

Southern Regional Coordinator

Michele Green

Past President

Dr. Diane Ross-Jackson


Pastor Karen Robinson


Leslie Baranco Martin

Western Regional Coordinator

Nicole Ward

Mid-Western Coordinator

Jacquie Jordan

Public Relations Coordinator

Advisory Board

  • Kenneth A. Wilson, Financial Advisor

  • Nathaniel Haugabrook, II, Attorney At Law

  • Teresa Harris, PhD, Healthcare Management

  • Gladys Bettis, Founding Member/Former President

  • Marilyn Porcher, Founding Member