Photo credit Dustin Chambers
Commentary - Annie Apple
The Undefeated

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association is a compass that guides through every stage of NFL life

I arrived in Atlanta last weekend to what felt like unprecedented heat and humidity. Like hunger, you’re not yourself when you’re sweating like a Thanksgiving turkey in a 350-degree oven. While waiting for my shuttle to the hotel, a driver for another hotel shuttle service tried to make small talk. Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story waiting in line for Santa, I had no time for chitchat when all I wanted was for my shuttle to show up and deliver me from the tyranny of this suffocating heat.

The shuttle pulled up and I hopped my eager little legs inside with one big step. The gentleman driving asked what brought me to town. He thought I was a college student. Free from the torture of the heat, I cracked a smile. “I’m here for the NFL moms conference,” I said reluctantly. Not because I wasn’t excited. I just didn’t feel like answering follow-up questions. The heat and humidity still had a hold on my personality.

“You don’t look like you got a son in the league. My son played in the NFL too,” he said with pride as he shut the door on the humidity. I really wanted to engage him, but I was still too hot. So I listened to him share how his son was an undrafted free agent from a small school who played a few years in the league and now coaches.

He asked my son’s name and team and asked me about the NFL moms conference. I told him this was my first conference so this is all new to me. We soon reached the Westin Airport Hotel. He opened the shuttle door and, like a crazed Eagles fan, the heat and humidity were there to curse my curls and my comfort. I said my goodbye to a fellow NFL parent and proceeded to check in.