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Dominique Tillotson

No stranger to working two and three jobs Michele Green knows the meaning of hustle. Working in the casino industry on the executive level 9-5 and picking up extra shifts selling change on the casino floor, Michele worked hard to provide a safe and loving environment for her son Bryant McKinnie.

Raised in a single parent household in Woodberry, New Jersey, Green did not let the absence of Bryant’s father take a toll on her ability to provide a stable home.
Open to letting her son blossom as a student athlete, and not tied to any specific sport, Bryant wrestled early on. In fact once as her form of non traditional punishment Michele enrolled her son into a step class with her, at the local gym. Growing to be a whopping 6’8″ most kids would be falling all over themselves at that height, not McKinnie. He used was agile and able to use his height to his advantage.

Surprisingly the step classes greatly improved Bryant’s coordination. Making him unlike any other student athlete. Michele’s choice to put her son in those classes played a major part in Bryant’s athleticism. After going to a junior college and then being scouted by the University of Miami after an amazing run at UM, McKinnie entered the draft and went to the Minnesota Vikings as an Offensive Tackle where he played from 2002 until 2010 before he would be picked up by the Baltimore Ravens. During his time with the Ravens 2011-2013 the team won Super Bowl XLVII.
New to the luxuries and opportunities NFL money affords Michele found it hard to get used to not working her normal 9-5 job. Able to afford the fancy furs, designer bags and hottest trends in fashion Michele slowly started to break out of her budget conscience spending habits and began to enjoy the finer things in life. She began going to the gym more regularly, just as she used to when Bryant was a child.