Pro Player Insider’s Theresa Villano chatted with Mrs. Cheryl Foster, NFL Mom to former NFL running back DeShaun Foster, as a tribute to mothers on Mother’s Day. Foster has always taken motherhood very seriously and brings a lot of perspective to mothering not only a pro, but any child.

Cheryl raised DeShaun in Southern California where he became a high school star. DeShaun was originally drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft and played his last year with the 49ers. He was a Heisman trophy candidate after playing college football and became a well known Bruin at UCLA.

Post football, Cheryl and the Foster family are very involved in the community both with the Foster 26 Foundation, The Legacy Leadership Program and the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) and Pro Player Insiders has connected with Mrs. Foster in person and witnessed firsthand what an amazing mother she is. Today we are honored to share her stories as an NFL mom on Mother’s Day.

Pro Player Insiders: We want to dive right into Mother’s Day questions…

PPI: What does being a mother mean to you?


Cheryl Foster: It means everything. The reason why I say that is it’s just that immediate bond from the moment you and your baby eyes connect with one another. When you first hold your baby you feel that unconditional love. It’s like an instant connection right away. Then, watching your kid grow up and develop into their own person and become the person they are today is priceless.


PPI: Does being the mom of an NFL player change that mentality at all?


C.F.: Absolutely not. I have just been able to see his dream come true. As far as me as a parent, I enjoyed watching him play. All moms want their kids to succeed. We are there to support him. It is exciting to be able to see your son do something that he’s worked so hard for and watch everything come full circle.


PPI: What are names & ages of your children? Tell us a couple words to describe each of them.


C.F.: We have DeShaun. He’s 33. I would describe him as more of a laid back type person, also very charismatic, giving, and a very hard worker. Then I have my daughter, Chanel. She’s 25 years old, soon to be 26 next month. I can describe her as a go getter. She’s the type of person if you dangle something out in front of her and if it’s something she wants to do, she’s going to go after it. They’re both very hard workers.


PPI: What are DeShaun and your daughter currently up to?

C.F.: Right now, DeShaun is at UCLA. He’s going to school and he’s also coaching there. My daughter, Chanel, is working for the Department of Education. She’s an advocate for at risk youth and a photographer.


PPI: What has been one of your fondest memories that made you realize the amazing gift of motherhood? Or an “ah ha” moment where you felt, “Wow, being a mom is so gratifying”?


C.F.: The “ah ha” moment for me is when you’re parenting your kids, there are certain things you say to them. You try to give them words to live by. One instance was when my son was a writer in high school for our local newspaper. I was reading one of his articles and there was a quote in reference to something I had said to him. It was then I realized; he got it. I have always stressed to my kids the importance of owning who they are and being givers to people that are less fortunate. My daughter really took this to heart. She actually got an award for having the most community service hours. To me, that was incredible, because that meant she took the initiative to go out there to be of help to someone They are both doing the things and living the example I and God set forth for them.