Member Resources

We've made a list of resources so you can have information at your fingertips.

2020 Election Resources & Candidates
Board Meeting Minutes
Amended 7/2019
Conflict of Interest Agreement
Amended 4/2020
Donation Form
Effective 2017
FACT Sheet
Guidelines and Procedures
Effective: 05/2020
In-Kind Donation Form
Logo Usage Procedure and Request Form
Member Directory
Effective 05/11/2020
NFL Player Benefits
Effective 2020
NFL Practice Squad Players Benefits
Effective 2020
NFLPA Resource Book - Former Player Services
Effective 2019-2020
Non-travel Reimbursement Form
PFPMA Brochure
Photo Waiver Release Form
Effective 4/23/2020
PFPMA Press Kit/Media Guidelines - PPT
Effective 2020
Guidelines for Preparing Press Release and Media Contact for Event
Effective 2020
Strategic Plan
Effective 2017 - 2020