Listening, Learning & Loving is a monthly education webinar series for your Mind, Body & Soul

A monthly education webinar series, hosted by PFPMA's President that brings together members and subject matter professionals to discuss topics that matters most to our members.

Episode 1, Cancer Awareness with Latoya Williams, MBA Sr. Manager, State-Based & Primary Care Systems, American Cancer Society & Kathie-Ann Joseph, MD MPH, Associate Professor of Surgery and Population Health at NYU Langone Health, discussing What to expect when you are not expecting a diagnosis; Life after cancer; Why health equity matters; How well do you know your breast?; Screening during Covid 19; If you feel something, say something!

Episode 2, Cyber Security with C.J. Cox, Black Hills Information Security, discussing: Staying safe in the land of cyber; Keeping your software up to date; Protecting yourself with passwords; Backups, your last line of defense in data loss; Security software, the Right

Episode 3, Women Entrepreneurs – Building Brand “YOU” with Avis Yates Rivers, CEO OF TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS GROUP INTL TCGI, discussing Business success; Power of the pivot; Leading from your chair, and Self-care, ‘Who is taking care of you?’

Episode 4, The Trust – Supporting NFL Players as They Live Their Purpose Beyond Football with Kelly Mehrtens, Executive Director and LaShea Davis Williams, Program Manager at The Trust (Powered by the NFLPA).  Discussing the history of The Trust; Key services; Who qualifies and when to use The Trust; How you can help support your son’s NFL transition.

Episode 5, Women’s Mental Health Awareness – Conquering The Stresses Of The Pandemic & Today’s Social Issues with Ciara Dockery, Ph.D. Director at NFL LIFE LINE.  In observation of Mental Health Awareness Month discussing How the pandemic affects our mental health; How to monitor your mental health; Coping with stress and anxiety; Mental health check-up tips; and Essential resources available to NFL families.

Episode 6, Coming soon!


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